Project Description

Rock & Rail
Weathered Marble Fieldstone. Red Slate. Granite posts. Oak and Locust rails. Great Barrington, MA, 1996.
Design and stonework: Mark Mendel dba/ Monterey Masonry.
Wood: Peter Murkett. Collection of Guido’s Marketplace.
Note: I wrote this poem to answer everybody’s question:

What is it?

It’s a big fat riddle.

It’s what your 4 year old says it is.

It’s a ’57 Chevy trying to pass a Volkswagen bug
on Route 7 in Pompeii.

It’s not what it was yesterday.

It’s Robert Frost meets Frank Gehry
out on the Spiral Jetty.

It’s a sculpture only if it moves you so.

It’s a fish and you’re the bait.

It’s a shopping strip where an old farm was,
and the stones remember.

A scotch tape dispenser.

A solar powered asking machine.

It’s a junk spaceship from a Martian Jonesy’s.

It’s magic fishing poles to catch mermaids.

It’s only Rock & Rail but it likes you.