Project Description

Building Centerbeam Dokumenta Kassel Germany 1977. Installing the laser.Paul Earls, Mark Mendel, Mike Moser, Joan Brigham, Lowry Burgess, Nancy Doll.

Centerbeam was in the Dokumenta in Kassel Germany summer of 1977. The following summer we set it up on the Mall in Washington DC. Mostly the same piece but different audience. From an international art crowd to a DC tourist general citizen crowd. In DC people didn’t know or care whether or not it was art. They just liked the high level of jumping, twitching, flashing, technology. There was Paul and Otto’s sky Opera. All color and inflatable turbulence. We arrived from MIT with a big ass laser and that was before the enactment of laser safety laws. We shot that baby out across the mall at the then new Air and Space Museum, a mating of tech critters. In the darkness the crowd got deep into the, shall we say, interactive component , flinging their empty silver Coors cans up through that laser space refracting that laser light like Martian Kamikazes attacking with death rays blazing.

The photo shows Joan Brigham, Lowry Burgess and Me with a couple of MIT students who came down in the BMW 2002 parked out on the mall

detail. line from   POEM ON.
Poem stencil/mirrored glass. Sun shining through mirrored glass stenciled
words of poem on water.